Bundle Icons Vol 2

 Bundle Icons Vol 2

Get 50% OFF for Icon Bundle Vol.2 to purchase 510 vector icons from 5 fascinating collections!

Bundle Volume 2 includes 510 pixel-perfect line icons ( 510 Live Icons, 510 Outlined Icons ) from Business Icons Set, Technology Icons Set, Medicine Icons Set, Science & Education Icons Set, Sport & Extreme Icons Set.

Business Icons Set is a series of 100 pixel-perfect icons, created by influence of modern business and finance.

This set includes icons of credit cards, wallet, certificate, team motivation, conference, leader, promotion, personal development, recruitment, success, company structure, teamwork, workplace, signing contracts, office building, career growth, best proposal, job opening, resume, salary, team building, vision, mission, messages, video chat, benefits, e-commerce and many more business related topics.

Medical Icons Set is a series of 100 pixel-perfect icons, created by influence of modern medicine, first aid and health.

This set includes icons of doctor, gastroenterology, sexology, anesthesiology, psychiatry, andrology, narcology, emergency medicine, neurology, medical analysis, vaccination, dental chair, allergology, obstetrics, ophthalmology, cosmetology, trichology, endocrinology, immunology, massage, cardiology, orthopedics, gynecology, oncology, plastic surgery, urology, alternative medicine, pulmonology, pediatrics, traumatology, ultrasonography and many more medicine related topics.

Technology Icons Set is a series of 110 pixel-perfect icons, created by influence of IT, future technologies and gaming.

This set includes icons of IT, innovations, neural networks, spaceship, 3D printer, hyperloop transportation, IT, communication technology, satellite, local area network, cctv security camera, computer bugs, manual, cloud service, cloud management, cloud file sharing, mobile communication, processing algorithm, futuristic devices, dystopian future, internet connection, network security, computer parts, hardware and many more technology related topics.

Education and Science Icons Set is a series of 100 pixel-perfect icons, created by influence of education and science.

This set includes icons of astronomy, archeology, biology, architecture, geography, linguistics, art, history, medicine, physics, chemistry, psychology, informatics, computer science, applied mathematics, applied physics, mathematics, pedagogy, political science, psychology, natural science, ecology, natural science, neurobiology, physical science, science of living things, social science, formal science and many more education related topics.

Sport & Extreme Icons Set is a series of 100 pixel-perfect icons, created by influence of various sports, gym, exercises, extreme and another activity.

This set includes icons of sports awards, football, fencing, baseball, basketball, bobsled, golf, cricket, hockey, weightlifting, bowling, lacrosse, karate, tennis, badminton, archery, horseback riding, boxing, luge, chess, darts, parachuting, curling, surfing, skiing, gymnastics, figure skating, snowboard, ballet, alpinism, diving, mask for diving, kayak, sailing, skateboard, motorcycle races & more sports related topics.

What makes Bundle Vol.2 so special?

  • Live stroke & outlined stroke icons available to suit your design from 1 pt upwards.
  • We’ve prepared the most commonly used formats for Mac and Windows customers.
  • Neatly organized icon, file and layer structure for better workflow experience.
  • Pixel perfect. Perfection in details and consistency control where every pixel is set to it’s place.
  • Carefully handcrafted icons usable for digital design or any possible creative field.
  • Suitable for print, web, symbols, apps, infographics.
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