Creating Brand Identity Systems Course

 Creating Brand Identity Systems Course

Course Description

Creating Brand Identity Systems Course21 Videos Creating Brand Identity Systems Course1.7 Hours

This branding course will help you understand how an integrated process can inform your design work and lead to better branding programs for your clients. You’ll learn how to understand the spirit of a brand and how to create design programs that instill this feeling into all consumer touch-points as a brand identity system. Brand image-making usually starts with a symbol or logotype that represents the brand but extends to typography, color, photography, pattern, verbal communication and all consumer touchpoints of the brand. Over this course you’ll understand how to use these elements together to have all aspects of the brand working in unison to create the most impact. This course covers an overview of branding, touching on the key components in a larger program to illustrate what you can achieve in your branding projects.

Course Syllabus

Branding Foundation

1. Beginning Work: Brief (02:50)
2. Research (08:55)
3. The Interview (05:34)
4. Brand Mission and Values (05:02)
5. Creative Strategy and Plan (03:42)

Brand Identity System

1. Logo: Symbols and Wordmarks (16:49)
2. Brand Imagery: Photography, Illustration and Rendering (06:53)
3. Color (09:21)
4. Typography (05:54)
5. Pattern (03:43)
6. Brand Voice (02:17)
7. Product Branding (05:09
8. Branding Motion (03:36)

Brand Communication

1. Compositions (04:18)
2. Presentations (01:27)
3. Style Guide (05:00)

And more syllabus for this course

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