hello honey – a chic script font

 hello honey – a chic script font

Note :

If you purchase commercial version, you will get 3 font file. Those are “hello honey”, “hello honey tail”, and “hello honey connecting heart”. I made it into 3 file so it will easier to use by beginner/newbie.

To show beginning swash, you select “hello honey tail”. For example, you will type “mama papa” with beginning ending swash and connecting heart. Steps : Select “hello honey tail” press shift+m. You will get letter m with beginning swash.

Then, you select “hello honey” for normal/regular letters. Type “am”. After that, select “hello honey connecting heart”, type “a”, so you will get letter a with a heart.

Next, you select “hello honey” again to type “pap”.

Then, select “hello honey tail”, type “a” (without shift), so you will get letter a with ending swash.

Voilaa. You will get a display words like my preview cover.

For otf/ttf hello honey file ligatures tt tail and tt connecting heart, it’s available inside. for hello honey tail, you just have to type braceleft “{” to show beginning swash tt. And type braceright “}”to show ending swash tt. And hello honey connecting heart, just type ampersand, so it will show “tt” ligature connecting heart.

hello honey is a beautiful chic script that is suitable for branding, wedding invitations, and other romantic projects.

  • hello honey.otf (all letters)
  • hello honey tail.otf (beginning & ending swashes. Shift+”letter”=left side swash. “letter”=right side swash)
  • hello honey connecting heart.otf (connecting heart swash)
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