Logo Design Fundamentals Course

 Logo Design Fundamentals Course

Course Description

Logo Design Fundamentals Course35 Videos Logo Design Fundamentals Course2.5 Hours

We’re bombarded by logos every day. They’re ubiquitous, but how many are truly successful? This course is for anyone who wants to get a leg up on the competition by learning how to create memorable, eye-catching, and strategically-sound logos. I’m offering a sure-fire process that will enable you to confidently move towards the finish line without ever hitting a roadblock — regardless of skill, talent, or experience level. We’ll look at examples of great historical and contemporary logos. I’ll share tips, tools, techniques, resources, and best practices. We’ll cover how to get started, navigating client relationships, and proper file handoffs. Most importantly, I’ll provide a framework for concept generation that will give your creative mind the structure and freedom to soar to new heights.

Course Syllabus


1. What Not To Do (1:49)
2. Picking The Right Font (2:18)
3. Manipulating Fonts (13:15)
4. Quiz: Approach 3: Logotype

Vector Monogram

1. From Sketch To Comp (4:33)
2. Illustrator Drawing Tips (8:50)
3. Making A Monogram (5:31)
4. Flexibility (1:27)
5. Typography (7:36)
Quiz: Getting Started

Partnering with The Client

1. Be Your First Critic (2:03)
2. Presentation Tips (5:23)
3. How To Handle Feedback (1:05)
4. 34. Delivering Final Files (7:23)

And more syllabus for this course

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