Symbol Design For Branding

 Symbol Design For Branding

Course Description

Symbol Design For Branding29 Videos Symbol Design For Branding1.5 Hours

Learn how to create symbols for brand identities that succinctly allow people to understand your brand right away. This class will equip you with very practical techniques to create beautiful, functional and recognizable symbols. You’ll also gain a basic understanding of how symbols work with abstraction and storytelling within a brand.

Course Syllabus

Clarifying Your Intent

1. Setting the Stage (0:24)
2. Knowing Your Client (1:31)
3. Generating Key Ideas (3:28)
4. Moodboards (2:59)


1. The Designer’s Approach to Drawing (0:37)
2. Free Sketching (3:57)
3. Illustrating With Shapes
4. Thinking With Grids
5. Customizing Type
6. Building Letterforms From Scratch (7:09)

Finishing With Character

1. Adding Life To Your Concepts (0:19)
2. Tightening Up (7:35)
3. Stylistic Variations (1:34)
4. Building Out A Set (2:01)
5. Pairing With Type (2:22)
6. Mocking Up (2:08)

And more syllabus for this course

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